I am an Edward R. Murrow, Peabody and Emmy Award winning television producer.
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My dad has been obsessed with Pete Wentz ever since he heard him say “We need to stop teaching kids to wait for things to get better and start teaching them to act and change things in order to better their situations, because it is unhealthy to completely rely on others for happiness. So kids, just remember that only you can make you happy.” at a concert.



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Happy 68th Birthday Bill Clinton! ‪#‎WNRewind‬ takes you back 21 years ago to the former president’s inaugural speech.

Thoughts on the “HIMYM” Finale - Spoilers


Back when How I Met Your Mother premiered I was instantly hooked on the premise. I think it’s because I identified with the characters living in Manhattan and going through the ups and downs of post-college dating and career juggling. 

 ”I hate Robin for not being more successful.” - ”Marshall Season 4, Episode 17


One of the running gags in the first few seasons of the show was Robin Scherbatsky working at an overnight TV show called “COME ON, GET UP NEW YORK!” which is very similar to the overnight show I worked on called World News Now. The hours are completely rough. I saw Robin deal with that in a few episodes. Plus, I felt for Ted going through the horrible cycle of dating in Manhattan. Something that I am still going through today many years later. But this isn’t about me. It’s about the finale. 

In “The Front Porch” The gang tries to stay up and watch an episode of Robin’s show at 3:30am. Ted finds out that Lilly has been messing with all of his relationships and breaking him up with women she didn’t see passing the "Front Porch Test"

This episode was the major spoiler for the ending of the series. 


Ted then makes a mock proposal to Robin, asking her to be his “backup wife” and marry him if they’re both single when they turn 40. She accepts.

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Happy Founders Day Tau Kappa Epsilon

We believe that the essential elements of true brotherhood are love, charity, and esteem; love, that binds our hearts with the sturdy chords of fraternal affection; charity, that is impulsive to see virtues in a brother and slow to reprove his faults; esteem, that is respectful to the honest convictions of others and that refrains from treading upon that which is sacred to spirit and conscience; these are the triple obligations of every brother in the bond.